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Steal a space for overnight guests from the living room. Living rooms can be designed for a guest’s comfy night’s sleep as well as entertaining visitors or watching TV. Depending on room dimension daybed nestled against a window as a sofa by day If you have less time to settle your home, then these home decor tips for your living room will make your home look warm and cosy. If you take a look at these living room ideas for your weekend party, you are sure to have one of the best looking homes in “even in houses where the house is big enough to have a room that doesn’t really do anything else.” For some people, decorating and furnishing the dining room can inspire more frustration than creativity. Roheena Nagpal is a Pune-based Interior Designer and Business Architect at Atelier and L’Orange. Her expertise lies in product design, concept development, furniture and space planning among others. She regularly writes for newspapers and lifestyle magazines. Which is the first room you enter to when you visit anyone’s house? It is the living room right. Now picture this; when you enter a living room, what do you expect to see around you. First, would be a fine sofa, a television, a center table perhaps, good Decorating a living room can be done easily, effortlessly and economically. Here are some budget interior decorating ideas to help create a lovely family room. living room decorating can be quite a fun exercise and economical as well. By using a .

Walls and carpet look best in white and chairs should be modern in style. Living rooms like this look great with a swing bar off to the side for entertaining. This type of closet has lots of color with a few subtle articles. Obviously BERNARD and Ellen Marson have taken an approach to decorating that some traditionalists might call reverse gear. Instead of beginning with the public spaces in their Manhattan apartment – the living room and dining room – they have thrown their Finishing touches. Part 4 of our series on living room decor will help you avoid the pitfalls of choosing pillows, throws, vases, rugs and more. In this four-part series, we’re serving up some lessons to help get your living room looking fabulous in time .

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